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Atlanta hostage escapes death by reading PDL to hostage-taker

The Lord works in wondrous ways! Read on!

Ashley Smith of Atlanta , USA is a single mother whose husband died in a tragic incident. Going home after work, she stayed up late but decided to go out to buy something. As soon as she opened the door to her apartment, she found a man with a gun in her face. After what she thought was her end, she realized that this was the man who earlier was on the way to the courtroom for charges of rape but was able to get his guard’s gun, and escaped after shooting another person in the process.

She prayed and thought about her daughter who was staying with her aunt that night and asked the Lord what she should do. While engaging the man in a conversation, she opened The Purpose Driven Life book and started to read to him. After more than seven hours, Ashley Smith told the man that she was going out to see her daughter and he allowed her. She walked to her car, with her “knees about to fall on the floor” and thanked God. She called 911 and the man gave up himself to the authorities without a fight.


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