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   The months of July to September 2005 were significant for Fr. Bart Pastor of the Family of God’s Little Children – Foundational Center, Inc. and the St. Therese Child Development Center in Tacloban, Leyte . Through his efforts, determination, and commitment, people in his province started to experience the Purpose Driven Life.

   “The PDL book confirmed a lot. It struck us. I got the PDL book from a friend from Tacloban Bible Community whose husband is in charge of distribution of chicken, and who attended a Swift seminar on PDL. By December, he gave me the PDC book. When I read the PDC book, I saw a lot of things we are already doing as a community,” Fr. Bart said.

   “I always go to Scripture for teaching seminar on PDL. When I am confronted with protests, I say, ‘Read it first, don’t judge it’. Yes, the author, Ric Warren is a protestant. But I have read the PDL book twice. I don’t find it different but it helped me a lot talking about the gospel spiritually, no mention of being Catholic or Protestant. Each Servant was given and asked to read a copy of the PDL book. I asked them, ‘Have you found anything wrong with it?’ and they have not,” Fr. Bart declared.

   The 40 DOP campaign ran from July 31 to September 18, 2005 .

   On Oct. 26 – 29, 2005 , Fr. Bart is making a presentation on how to conduct 40 DOP based on his experience to the Federation of 30 Catholic Charismatic Communities as far as Zamboanga. Fr. Bart is the Presiding Servant of the Council of Servants.

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