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Baptist Conference Church of Bacolod by Pastor Joe Ascalon

(for reference on BCCB’s Purpose Driven journey, please refer to PD SEA Updates Vol. 2 Issue 2)

We praise God for what He has done in our midst through the PD campaign. In 2004, we finished our 40 Days of Purpose. Last year, we had the 40 Days of Community. One the main things when you go through the 40 DOC is really to serve God through the community. Before we started the 40 DOC, about 1, 100 people came to worship with us. These are the people who joined us after they learned their purpose in life. But at the end of the seven-week 40 DOC, worshippers increased to 1, 700. We had to open three more services so we now have eight services every Sunday.

Many things that happened as people went out of their comfort zones through their small groups and they were able to serve the community by helping people. The small groups, for example, helped dig canals to dredge stagnant waters, changed roofs, repainted walls.

The biggest task we had was the medical missions. We treated about 700 indigents. We had eye cataract, ECG, sugar determination, dental treatment and other needs of people who have no resources. It was a whole day affair and we had many volunteers.

The next thing we are doing now is to help other churches by mentoring them. We found out that there are churches who want to be in the campaign but somehow they are not yet ready to go through the principles. So what we do is conduct regular meetings with those interested. They come and we discuss with them one principle after another. We also have situational discussions on their relations with the deacons and elders, pastors and members and how they can come together to apply these principles to them so that they too will experience God’s blessings.

The biggest challenge we want to do is to encourage churches, mentor them so that the moment they are successful, they can in return mentor other churches.

There will be a day when we can say that because of what God is doing through the principles of Purpose Driven, churches will come together and help each other someday for the global glory of God. I hope you will be a part of this. Come on board!

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