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Family black sheep

Family black sheep Robertito (BJ) Sigua of Tondo, Manila was a satan-worshipping criminal. He has been in and out of jail serving time for all kinds of crime: robbery, attempted murder, drug-pushing; name it, he has done it. When both cops and underworld ganged up on him, he made a run as fast and as far as his feet could take him. His brother sent him a copy of the PDL book and never stopped praying.

BJ read the book in, of all places, a nearby cemetery so no one would see him. But what he read bothered his conscience.

“I prayed and asked the Lord to forgive me, to change me,” BJ said. It was not difficult for him to decide to surrender to the authorities and face the other gangsters. To his surprise, he found out that both the law and the outlaw have lost interest in him. When someone invited him to church, he saw the reality of God’s love among other believers and in the ministry he is now involved in. BJ is back in school and he is also busy witnessing to others.

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