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What's After 40 Days of Purpose?

Now that you have experienced the life-changing 40 Days of Purpose, what’s next?

The journey to the PD paradigm starts with the 40 Days of Purpose Campaign which churches go through in their quest for meaningful growth. The five purposes namely, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, evangelism, and worship are carefully studied and discussed.

From finding the forest through the 40 DOP, the church now takes a close look at the trees through Day 41. As the next level that harnesses the momentum gained during the DOP, Day 41 launches the church on a pathway to becoming healthier through resources and tools that strengthen everything they learned. This time also enables the church to prepare for the 40 Days of Community (DOC) which helps them move into the PD paradigm. On the other hand, the 40 Days of Peace empowers small groups to go out from the community to the world as missionaries or church planters.

As a crucial part of the entire process, churches adopt the P.E.A.C.E Plan , an acronym for Plant churches, Equip pastors and church workers, Assist the poor, Care for the sick, Educate the next generation. The Plan is a missions strategy that harnesses small groups in Purpose Driven churches to address spiritual lostness, ego-centric leadership, poverty, disease and illiteracy.

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