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“Before we knew it, our attendance increased from 200 to 500. I knew then that I got the right program for us,” Pastor Joe Ascalon of the Baptist Conference Church of Bacolod said. Their journey in Purpose Driven started in 1997. Today, the church is continuously on fire, with five services on Sundays.


Family black sheep Robertito (BJ) Sigua of Tondo, Manila was a satan-worshipping criminal. He has been in and out of jail serving time for all kinds of crime: robbery, attempted murder, drug-pushing; name it, he has done it. When both cops and underworld ganged up on him, he made a run as fast and as far as his feet could take him. His brother sent him a copy of the PDL book and never stopped praying.

BJ read the book, in all places, a nearby cemetery so no one would see him. But what he read bothered his conscience.

“I prayed and asked the Lord to forgive me, to change me,” BJ said. It was not difficult for him to decide to surrender to the authorities and face the other gangsters. To his surprise, he found out that both the law and the outlaw have lost interest in him. When someone invited him to church, he saw the reality of God’s love among other believers and in the ministry he is now involved in. BJ is back in school and he is also busy witnessing to others.


At the Office of the Ombudsman, Atty. Bobby Quitain’s determination to share Christ through the PDL gave him the courage to go directly to the Chief Ombudsman to ask permission to present the PDL lessons to the staff.

“Around 100 people, a mixed group of Catholics and evangelicals attended the first session. For eight straight weeks, we conducted the campaign in the office from 11 am to 1 pm. The Ombudsman was very happy with the result and agreed to have a 40 DOP study twice a year in the office for all the 400 to 500 employees,” Atty. Quitain said. He also remarked that while the ultimate vision is to see God change the country, it is inspiring to see hearts being changed, one at a time.


On a bigger scale, PDL has made an impact on the work ethics and professionalism of local government officials and employees. Marikina City Mayor Marides Fernando ensured that more than a thousand city government staff would benefit from the 40 DOP.

“We have been busy bringing about the physical transformation of Marikina. Now, it is time for a spiritual transformation to take place. Our vision is to have a Purpose Driven Marikina,” Mayor Fernando stressed. The 40 DOP at the City Women’s Council encouraged the participants to conduct the campaign in their offices. Hence, the Council coordinated with the City Administrator to launch another campaign for all city hall employees. Because of the size of the event, churches in Marikina and other parts of Manila volunteered to facilitate small group sharing and discussion.

“This program is very important for us to discern what it is that is important for us to decide what direction we should take as a community,” Mayor Fernando said.


“Since the 40 DOP, I have discovered my God and His purpose for me. May reason pala kung bakit Niya ako binigyan ng chance to have a second life,” Sarah Balabagan said.


Internationally renowned singer and stage actress Jamie Rivera made the best-selling album Purpose Driven, now a Platinum record.

“The thing that has touched me so much in ThePurpose Driven Life is the challenge to reach one more for Jesus,” Jamie said. She continues to sing the song wherever God takes her and at the same time, she gives away the CD and a copy of the book to as many as she can reach out for Jesus.


Actress Melisssa de Leon of the famous showbiz clan, makes sure that her three children will grow up to be godly people, living purpose driven lives. “My goal is to be what God wants me to be, to evangelize and to disciple,” she said. Melissa and her husband Ronnie Joseph are leading Purpose Driven Life small groups in their church.

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